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United Kingdom Muslim Population Article

United Kingdom

  1. A Snapshot of Britain Muslim
  2. Anglican churchgoers fall below one million
  3. Britain Country Profile
  4. Anxiety among Muslim minority after killing of mosque guard
  5. British Anglican
  6. Mohammed tops list of English baby names
  7. Dr. Suha Farouqi lectures on British Muslims
  8. Business is urged to see opportunity in Muslim community
  9. More faith schools are planned in an effort to integrate minorities
  10. Muslim Britain, More people attend mosques than Church of England
  11. Muslim girl, 12, in legal battle for right to wear niqab in school
  12. State to pay for Muslim schools
  13. Why Muslim girls cover up for Islam
  14. Why would a white Scottish woman convert to Islam?
  15. Muslim population 'rising 10 times faster than rest of society'
  16. Why ARE so many modern British career women converting to Islam? [mail Online]