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1.  Tajikistan [By CIA THE WORLD FACTBOOK ]
Sunni Muslim 85%, Shia Muslim 5%, other 10% (2003 est.)





2. Islam in Tajikistan
By The Journal of Turkish]
From the end of the Bukhara Emirate to the post-Soviet times, an overview of the history and current situation of Islam in Tajikistan. Abdullo Hakim Rahnamo, who has completed his education in engineering, political studies, and theology, is a professor at Tajikistan National University, where he is lecturing on world politics. He also conducts research on the role of Islamic thinking and the role of Islam in the modern political processes of Tajikistan. He has published several reports and research papers about this topic. In addition, Abdullo Rahnamo has a practical experience in this regulation process in Tajikistan.


3.An Islamist Uprising in Tajikistan

International observers consider Tajikistan to be a failed state in the midst of a national crisis. A growing mood of protest there is benefitting the Islamic opposition. Hundreds of new mosques have opened since the beginning of the year, and more women are seen wearing veils on the streets of Dushanbe.

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