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1.  Countries of Europe

FACTS ABOUT EUROPE (Including the former USSR or CIS)

Area: Europe, apart from the CIS (former USSR) is 4,874,040 square kilometers; the former USSR is 22,402,200 sq. km.

Population: Europe = 501,000,000; CIS = 288,000,000

Number of Countries: 35

Number of Principalities, Republics or Territories: 15

Highest Mountain: Communism Peak in the Pamir Mountains = 7495 meters

Largest Lake: The Caspian Sea = 371,000 sq. km.

Longest River: The Ob-Irtysh River = 5410 km.

Over 300 million people in 12 countries use the € (Euro) currency as of January 1 2002. Of those 300+ million, very few are "evangelical" Christians (less than 2%). Please pray for Europe and Hope for Europe who seek to reach this continent in new and wonderful ways by His grace in the 21st Century!