1. Ethnic Groups
[Reference from U.S. Library of Congress]

In 1989 census, Armenians 93.7 percent, Azerbaijanis 2.6 percent, Kurds 1.7 percent, Russians 1.6 percent, and other 0.4 percent. ( Library of Congress)

In Armenia, almost all Azeris and Kurdis are Muslim. So, we can conclude that , the total percentage of Muslims is around 4%


2. Armenia-Asia
Area: 28,200 sq km
Population: 3,520,000
GDP: US$3,000 per capita
GNP: US$2 billion

Armenia is located in Southwestern Asia, east of Turkey. Armenia is also bordering Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.


3. Islam in Armenia

Islam in Armenia has generally been avoided throughout the centuries. During the Arabic invasion, Islam came to the Armenians however, most Armenians never converted to Islam. The story was similar in the Ottoman Empire.