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Targeting the Muslim community from behind the shadows Rio de Janeiro massacre…targeting Brazilian Muslims

Targeting the Muslim community from behind the shadows Rio de Janeiro massacre…targeting Brazilian Muslims



By: Sheikh Khaled Rizq Taq El-Din* exclusive

In a tragic incident on April 7th, a 23 year-old male by the name of Wellington Menezes de Oliveira entered his former school in Tasso da Silveira, Rio de Janeiro and opened fire on the students, killing 12 people and injuring 13.  He then shot himself before his arrest.

Media sources within Brazil rushed to figure out the religious orientation of the man.  They later announced that he was Muslim, because they acquired a note stating that he did this act to reach Paradise and that he does not wish for anyone “impure” to touch him after his death.

This occurred two weeks after the incitement against Islamic teachings by a TV program, criticizing Muslim women, and the Islamic culture.  The worst of such incitements was by the Brazilian news magazine Veja, which published in its front page “the terrorist network in Brazil”, stating that Al-Qaeda has connections with the Brazilian Muslim community.

I, in no way, can separate between the past events and present events.  It is clear that there is some sort of incitement against the Muslim community in Brazil, which is, until now, an example for peace and coexistence within the Brazilian society.

Targeting Muslims

Those who are following the Brazilian situations thus far would come to know that this is not the first time the Muslim community has been targeted, especially after the synagogue bombing incident in Argentina, where the Brazilian authorities later came to uncover that the Muslim community is innocent of such an accusation.

The incident repeated itself again following the 9/11 incident when the Muslim community was once again unjustly targeted in a way that is clear that there is some sort of external agenda.  The Brazilian authorities once again investigated the situations and came to declare that there is no reason to fear the Muslim community.

These accusations were denied by the President at the time, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, where he stated during his visit to the US following the 9/11 incident that “Southern Brazil (Muslim populated area of Brazil) is the most secure and least at risk of terrorist activities than Washington itself.”

This is merely one of the statements uttered by Brazilian officials clearing the name of the Brazilian Muslim community, such as that of the Brazilian Defense Minister, Geraldo Magela Quintão in San Tiago, Chile on November 11th, 2002 stating: “I express my astonishment with regards to the news surrounding the possibility of the existence of individuals affiliated with terrorist activities in Brazil, even though, as previously stated by the President, that there is no evidence of such activities in the area.  This is a multi-ethnic area, living in harmony together.  Therefore, any step taken against them without clear evidence will be a racist remark, and Brazil condemns such an act.”


What is the purpose and goal of whoever is working from behind that shadows in targeting the Brazilian Muslim community?

I can ensure that there are individuals working from behind the shadows to wrongfully accuse the Muslim community of acts it is innocent of, because the Muslim community in Brazil is highly respected and is working hand in hand with the Brazilian society.  Therefore, there is an external agenda to smear the Muslim identity and all that is affiliated with it.

What is obligatory of us is to unite within the Brazilian Muslim community against this offense, and to connect with authoritative figures within the Brazilian government and the media, in order to end the anti-Muslim incitement in Brazil.

 *Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Imams and Islamic Affairs in Brazil

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