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Islam in Bolivia [By wiki]

Islam in Bolivia [By wiki]



Statistics for Islam in Bolivia estimate a Muslim population of around two thousand, representing less than .1% of the total population.

There are many Islamic organizations spread throughout the country, including Centro Islámico Boliviano in Santa Cruz, Centro Islámico Boliviano in Sucre led by Imam Hassan Tawafshah, Centro Islámico Boliviano in Cochabamba led by Imam Daud Abujder, and Musulmana Casilla in Sucre.

The Centro Islámico Boliviano (Bolivian Islamic Center) was created in August 1986 by Imam Mahmud Amer Abusharar, who arrived from the Palestinian territories in 1974. In 1992 a commission for the construction of the first mosque in Bolivia was satisfied, which was completed in September 1994 in the city of Santa Cruz.Imam Mahmud Amer Abusharar he died on 14/05/2011. Presently the CIB doesn't have branches in Sucre, Cochabamba or La Paz, with any indigenous Bolivians accepting Islam. On the international level, CIB is not a branch of the Islamic Organization for Latin America.

In 2006 has been inaugurated the first Mosque As-salam in La Paz city although the members of the Asociacion Islamica de Bolivia where the majority of Muslims are Bolivians converted to Islam along with Arab Muslim from different countries and others gathered together for practicing Islam during many years. There are also other communities in La Paz and Sucre.

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